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August 05, 2021




Apr 09, 2010

On Sunday February 7, 2010 at approximately 0240 Nashua Fire Alarm began receiving numerous 911 calls reporting a building fire at Club Social at 45 Pine Street. Companies arrived to encounter extreme fire conditions from the upper floors of the 4 story brick structure. First due companies aggressively made in interior attack on the upper floors but were quickly pushed back due to the volume of fire. Within 18 minutes of the first alarm, the fire had reached 5 alarms bringing all Nashua Fire Rescue apparatus along with 13 mutual aid communities into the city. At the height of the defensive operation 6 aerial pipes and multiple exterior lines were in operation. The brick structure was constructed in 1900. The Club Social, a private social establishment, was located on the first floor with several apartments and two large social rooms on upper floors. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Nashua Fire Marshal's office. No injuries were reported.

Photos provided courtesy of Al Boucher

Dec 22, 2009

Members of Group 2 were dispatched to a reported building fire on Tilton Street in the late afternoon hours on Monday November 16, 2009. The initial assignment of Engine Co. 5, Engine Co. 1, Ladder Co. 1 along with Deputy Galipeau and the safety officer encountered a fire in the attic of a single story ranch house. Engine Co. 6 and Ladder Co. 2 responded on the working fire assignment. The fire was contained to the attic. The Nashua Fire Marshal's office investigated the fire and determined the origin to be electrical in nature.

Member of Engine Co. 5 and Ladder Co. 1 working to open the gable.

Group 2 Deputy Chief Steve Galipeau was in command.

Firefighter Mike Curran picking up the feeder line.

Crews returning first due Engine Co. 5 back in service.

Photos by Al Boucher

Nov 24, 2009

Nashua firefighters battled a 2 alarm fire in the early hours of October 29, 2009. Just after 0500 hours fire alarm dispatchers received a 911 call reporting smoke coming from the building at 81 Ash Street. Engine Co. 4, Engine Co. 2, and Ladder Co. 2 along with Deputy Chief Allison and the Safety Officer responded on the initial dispatch. Nashua Police arrived on scene and confirmed smoke smoking. Fire Alarm dispatched Engine and Ladder Co. 1 on the working fire assignment. Companies arrived at 2 story wood frame with and encountered a working fire in the basement. There was no exterior access (including windows) to the basement which hindered interior suppression efforts. Crews were required to cut interior ventilation holes on the first floor before the fire was contained. A second alarm was transmitted and Engine Co. 5 was dispatched to bring additional personal to assist at the scene. The Nashua Fire Marshal's office investigated the fire and determined the cause to be from items stored to close to the furnace.



Apr 20, 2009

At 0919 hours on February 9, 2009, Nashua Firefighters were dispatched to a Box Alarm at 126 Vine Street. The initial box assignment consisted of Engine Co. 2, Engine Co. 4 and Ladder Co. 2 along with Deputy Chief Galipeau. Ladder Co. 2 under the command of Lt. Byron Breda arrived and reported smoke showing from a commercial occupancy on the first floor of the Lake Street side of the building. Deputy Chief Galipeau took command on his arrival and transmitted the 2nd and 3rd Alarms for a fire in 3 story wood frame taxpayer. Chief of Department Brain Morrissey assumed command a requested the 4th and 5th Alarms to the scene shortly before 1000 hours. At the peak of the fire, nearly 14 master streams were in operations as the fire extended to all three floors including the cock loft. The fire was declared under control at 1230 hours. Fire Companies from Hudson, Merrimack, Manchester, Londonderry, Hollis, Amherst, and Tyngsboro, MA assisted at the fire. City coverage was handled by Hudson, Wyndham, Pelham, Derry, Dracut, MA and Lowell, MA. Two additional building fires were reported and handled by covering companies during this incident.

3 sticks are in operation as the fire extends to the Cockloft

Ladder Co. 1 operates at Lake and Vine Street

Heavy Fire Vents From The Cockloft

Ladder Co. 2 was first due at the 5 alarm blaze.

Apr 20, 2009

On Thursday February 4, 2008 at 2030 hours Nashua Fire Alarm received calls reporting a building fire on Amherst Street in the area of Bruce Street. Dispatched on the initial call were Engine Co. 1, Engine Co. 4 and Ladder Co. 1 along with Deputy Chief Allison and the Safety Officer. Ladder Co. 1 under the command of Lt David Perault arrived on scene and reported heavy fire showing from a large 2.5 story wood frame and requested a 2nd Alarm. Deputy Allison took command and quickly called for a 3rd Alarm bringing all Nashua companies to the scene. Chief of Department Brian Morrissey requested a 4th Alarm on his arrival bringing mutual aid companies from Merrimack, Hudson, Hollis, and Tyngsboro, MA to the scene. It took firefighters nearly two hours to bring the fire under control. The "St. Colliars Mansion" contained 3 vacant apartments but was being used as a storage facility by the owner. Crews remained on the scene for over 12 hours. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the Nashua Fire Marshal's Office.

Heavy fire from floor 2 as Ladder Co. 1 operates.

4 ladderpipes worked the fire including Hudson, NH Ladder 2

Oct 20, 2008

On Saturday September 20, 2008 at approximately 1040 hours, Nashua Fire Alarm received a phone call reporting a possible electrical fire at 94 Pine Street. Engine 2, Engine 6, Ladder 2, and Deputy Allison along with the Safety Officer responded on the initial dispatch. Ladder Co. 2 arrived on the scene and reported a Working Fire in a large 2.5 story wood-frame structure. Engine Co. 4 responded on the working fire assignment. A 2nd alarm was quickly transmitted after companies determined that the fire had extended from to the third floor attic. Engine 1 and Ladder 1 responded on the second alarm and assisted companies in opening up the building. Deputy Allison requested the 3rd alarm which brought Engine 5, Engine 3, and Tower 1 to the fire. While companies worked on opening the ceiling on the third floor, a large area of ceiling collapsed causing one firefighter to be transported to SNHMC for minor injuries. The firefighter was treated and released a short time later. The fire was investigated by the Nashua Fire Marshal's office and the cause was believed to have been electrical in nature. The were no civilian injuries and several pets were rescued from the building.

Clink on the following link to watch a video on You Tube of this fire...

Ladder Co. 2 works to vent the roof as Deputy Allison commands the fire.

Additional ground ladders were required on side 4.

Engine Co. 1 opening up the exterior walls on side 4.

Utility lines created access problems for aerial ladders.

Fire venting the roof as firefighters enter the attic area.

A Probationary Firefighter attempts to follow his hose line back to the rig.

All photos provided to

Sep 08, 2008

Just before 1800 hours on July 21, 2008 Engine 4, Engine 2, Engine 1 and Ladder 2 along with Deputy Allison and the Safety Officer responded to a reported building fire on Bowers Street. Nashua Fire Alarm reported to the companies responding that multiple calls were coming in reporting a fire on the second floor. Deputy Allison arrived with Engine 4 and reported smoke showing from the second floor of a 2.5 story wood-frame. The fire was contained to a bedroom on the second floor apartment and was quickly extinguished. The Nashua Fire Marshal's Office investigated the fire and determined it was caused by a child playing with matches.

Firefighters from Ladder 2 lead by Lt. Doug Cote operate on the porch roof.

Ladder 2 Chauffeur Mark Rappglia looking for additional hand tools.

FF Bill Shea and FF Wayne Anderson.

Lt Mark Wholey and Lt Doug Cote set-up a fan on floor 2.

Crews talk with Deputy Allison as Engine 4 picks-up.

Sep 08, 2008

On Monday August 4, 2008 shortly after 1400 hours Nashua Fire Alarm received calls for a reported building fire on Lincoln Avenue. Dispatched to the fire was Engine 2, Engine 1, Engine 3  and Ladder 2 along with Deputy Allison and the Safety Officer. Deputy Allison was first to arrive and had smoke coming for the roof area of a New England style 2.5 story wood-frame. The fire was quickly contained to the attic area by an aggressive attack by both engine and ladder companies on scene. The fire was cause by a contractor working on the building.

Ladder 2 operates on the roof.

The fire was contained to the roof area in the attic.

L-R: FF Mike Sice, FF Brian House, and FF Wayne Anderson.

Jun 15, 2008

On June 12, 2008 Nashua Fire Alarm received a call from the Amherst, NH Fire Department for assistance at a building fire on Amherst Road (route 101A). Engine Company 5 and Ladder Company 1 along with the Safety Officer responded at the scene shortly after 1900. The fire was in a large commercial structure that housed several business including the Amherst House of Pizza. On arrival at the scene Nashua companies worked to establish additional water supply lines and aggressively worked to stop the rapidly spreading fire from consuming the entire building. Ladder 1 was requested to gain access to the roof and place a trench cut on the nearly 150 foot structure. Below are a few shots of Nashua assisting at this 4 Alarm fire. 

Nashua Firefighter Steve Phillips and Captain Al Borneman of Engine Co. 5.

The Blue Blitz is posed and ready for action.

The 1/2 corner of the building.

Nashua Ladder Co.1 opening opening up a trench cut on the roof.

Multiple master streams in operation.

Photos by Al Boucher

Mar 09, 2008

At approximately 1015 on March 4, 2008 Nashua Fire Alarm dispatched a reported building fire at 6 Blackfoot Drive. Engine 5, Engine 1, Engine 6 and Ladder 1 along with C2 (Asst Chief Anderson) responded on the initial dispatch. Engine 5 was first due and reported heavy fire showing from a large colonial style dwelling. Ladder 1 had just cleared station 5 after getting fuel and was still in the area at he time of dispatch allowing them to arrive immediately after Engine 5. The 2nd Alarm was requested by Lt. Tom Perault on Engine 5 due to the heavy volume of fire in the rear of the building. Engine 4 and Ladder 2 responded on the 2nd Alarm. C2 arrived at the scene and assumed command and ordered a 3rd Alarm bringing Engine 3 and Tower 1 to the fire. Engine 2 responded on the third alarm after they cleared a medical call. C1 (Chief Morrissey) assumed command of the fire on his arrival and worked with the crews to extinguish the blaze. The home suffered extensive damage. The fire was investigated by the Nashua Fire Marshal's Office. The Hollis Fire Department assisted at the scene with their Tanker due to limited hydrants in the area.

Companies had heavy fire showing from side 1.

The single family home was approximately 5000 ft2.

Ladder 1 worked to vent the roof.

Ladder 1 on the roof.

Fire venting from side 3 roof.

The rear deck collapsed while Engine 1 worked in the rear. No injuries occurred.

Extensive damage on side 3/4 of the building.

FF Rapaglia talks with Lt Soucy. 

(L-R) FF Todd Weeks, FF Justin Rioux, FF Brian House picking up.

All Photos by Al Boucher

Feb 15, 2008

At approximately 0845 on Wednesday February 13, 2008 Nashua Fire Alarm received a call reporting a porch fire at 8 Fossa Avenue and dispatched Engine 4, Engine 1, and Ladder 2. Engine 2 had just clearing a medical call and was quickly dispatched as the third engine after multiple calls reporting a house fire began coming in to fire alarm. Ladder 2 was first to arrive and reported heavy smoke and fire showing from a large 2.5 story wood-frame apartment house. Engine 2 followed by Engine 4 and Engine 1 arrived immediately after and begin making an interior attack. Deputy Chief Cronin (03) assumed command and requested a second alarm be transmitted, bringing Engine 6 and Ladder 1 to the fire. As crews worked to extinguish the fire which began on the rear porches, the roof was opened by both Ladder 2 and Ladder 1. The third alarm was transmitted bringing Engine 3, Engine 5, and Tower 1 to the fire scene.  The Nashua Fire Marshal's Office investigated the fire and determined that it began when a child ignited materials while playing with a lighter.

Group 3 battles this 3 alarm fire at 8 Fossa Avenue.

Crews begin working on opening the roof.

Lt. Al Borneman and FF John McAllister venting off Ladder 2's stick.

Ladder 2 working on the second vent hole.

FF Mike Duvarney from Ladder 1 working on the rear roof section.

The view from Main Street as Ladder 1 and Engine 4 work the 3rd Alarm.

Photos by Capt Kevin Kerrigan and Al Boucher.

Jan 27, 2008

On the minoring of Friday January 25, 2008 Nashua Fire Alarm transmitted a street box for the intersection of Mason and Foundry Streets.  Engine 4, Engine 1 and Ladder 1 along with Deputy Galipeu(02) responded on th initial alarm.  (02) arrived on the scene and reported a building fire at 24 Mason Street with heavy fire showing from the rear of a 2.5 Sty WFD.  Engine 2 was quickly dispatched for the Working Fire assignment.  Engine 4 was the first due engine and began an interior attack on the fire. As ladder 1 worked to set up in the front of the building crews reported the fire was had extended to the upper levels and command requested a 2nd alarm bringing Engine 5 and Ladder 2 to the fire scene.  As crews vented the roof using ground ladders command requested a 3rd alarm on the fire. Engine 6 with Merrimack engine and Hudson Ladder 2 were dispatched. Engine 3 and Tower 1 were tied up at a box alarm and were not dispatched to the fire.

Heavy smoke from the rear of the building

Setting up ground ladders.

Ladder 2 crew of Lt. Byran Breda and FF Mark Rapaglia on the roof.

Ladder 1 chuaffer Mike Duvarney working on the roof.

Photos by Al Boucher


Jan 06, 2008

On January 5, 2008 at approximately 1000 hrs, Nashua Fire Alarm transmitted a box alarm for the Best Western Hotel and 99 Restaurant on St. Laurent Street. Engine 1 and Engine 5 along with Ladder 1 were dispatch. Ladder 1 was on scene in less than three minutes and reported nothing showing. As they investigated the box a report of a fire on the second floor was received by the hotel manager. Ladder 1 quickly called for the working fire assignment and reported a fire in the building and Engine 6 was dispatched. Deputy Chief Dan Cronin arrived on scene and assumed command of the fire. Two attack lines were stretched and a search of the building was conducted. As the fire extended between floors 1 and 2, Deputy Cronin requested the 2nd Alarm be transited bringing Engine 2 and Ladder 2 to the fire. Both Ladder Companies worked to open the gable ends of the structure and th interior crews continued to open the building up in an attempt to stop the fire spread. The 3rd Alarm was transmitted bringing Engine 4, Tower 1 and Merrimack Engine 2 into the scene to assist in fire control as well as RIT operations. The fire was contained to six rooms on two floors with about 30 rooms in total being damaged by smoke and water damage.

Ladder 2 operating on side 4

Engine 5 working on side 4.

Deputy Chief Dan Cronin was in command.

Ladder 1 chauffeur Bob Fitz set up in the rear of the building.

Ladder Co 2 opening up the gables.

Firefighter Rick Wilkins of Ladder Co. 2 and Chief Brian Morrissey.

Photos by Kevin Kerrigan

Dec 03, 2007

On November 29, 2007 Engine 3 along with the shift Safety Officer, responded on the scene of a 2 alarm fire on Gowing Road in Hudson, NH. Hudson Firefighters encountered a 2 bay auto garage heavily involved in fire and quickly called for additional assistance due to the lack of a pressurized water system in that area of town. After the fire was knocked down the oil and gas run-off from the building was becoming a concern and assistance from the Nashua SMART team was requested for containment. Former Nashua firefighter Neal Carter and Lieutenant Rob Buxton, who are now both Deputy Chiefs in Hudson were in command of the fire.

Nashua firefighters working to make entry into the building.

FFOP House works a 2.5 while firefighter Mark Carter and Lt. Doug Cote assist him.

Hudson Firefighters are shown here with a big line working the stubborn fire.

The remains of the building after the fire was knocked down.

Photos by Al Boucher

Nov 29, 2007

On Wednesday November 28, 2007 Nashua Fire Alarm dispatched Engines 4 and 1 Ladders 1 and 2 to 4 1/2 Beech Street for a report of smoke coming from the building at 1723 hours. Engine 4 singed on scene with smoke showing from the third floor of a 2.5 STY WDFM. Engine 2 was immediately dispatched as the third engine for the Working Fire. Engine 4 stretched to the rear of the building and reported an attic fire. Deputy Chief Cronin assumed command and requested a 2nd Alarm be transmitted bringing Engine 5 and Tower 1 to the fire. Ladder 2 vented the roof and Engine 4 quickly knocked down the fire that had consumed the third floor apartment. The fire was brought under control at  1757 hours. No injuries were reported.

Engine 4 was first due at 4 1/2 Beech Street.

Ladder 1 had horizontal venting while Ladder 2 took the roof.

Ladder 2 finishing up the roof.

FF Dave Robert on the roof.

Ladder 2's crew L-R: FF Brian Harrington, FF Dave Robert, FF John McAllister.

Engine 4 Lt. Gordie Wilson talks with Department mechanic Dave Powell.

Ladder 1 had to fight several utility lines to get horizontal venting of side 1 windows.

Photos by Al Boucher


Nov 14, 2007

Group 3 members battled this 3 alarm fire in a vacant building that was under construction in the early morning hours of Tuesday November 13, 2007 at 1 Ferry Road. The initial calls reported an explosion in the area of the 99 Restaurant on St. Laurent Street. The first alarm assignment was Engine 1, 5 and Ladder 1. Engine 1 was first due and reported heavy fire conditions in a 2  story single family home.

Deputy Chief Dan Cronin, the incident commander assesses the fire conditions.

Lt. Tom Lingley, FF Mike Sullivan, and FF Shane Sewade of Engine Co. 6 waiting for the line to be charged.

Companies making progress on the rear porch.

Firefighters Patrick Nelson and Bob Fitz were on the first in companies.

 Above photos by Al Boucher

Ladder 1 on side 2 of the building

Engine 6 MPO Julian Reed.

Chief Brian Morrissey talks with Lt. Matt Parzych.

Engine 2 staged.

A view of side 2 of the building after the fire is knocked down.

Above photos by Kevin Kerrigan

Nov 05, 2007

On October 28, 2007 while the Red Sox were winning the clinching game of the 2007 World Series, Nashua Fire Alarm dispatched a dumpster fire with an exposer problem at teh rear of 23 Temple Street. Engine 4 arrived to find a working fire in the rear of the building that had extended to the exterior stairs. The fire was quickly knocked down with minimal damage to the main structure.

Engine 4 stretching a line.

A view from the rear of the building.

Companies picking up after the fire is knocked down.

Photos provided by Al Boucher

Oct 08, 2007

On the morning of Saturday October 6, 2007 Nashua Fire Alarm began receiving several calls reporting a building fire at 61 Fairmount Street. The initial dispatch of Engine 1, Engine 5, and Ladder 1 with Deputy Allison responded. On arrival the companies encountered heavy fire conditions on the grounds of a vacant tannery building. A second alarm was requested bringing Engine 4, Engine 2, and Ladder 2 to the scene. The third alarm was transmitted and Engine 6, Engine 3, and Tower 1 were dispatched. The fire quickly consumed the building and defensive operations were required. Companies remained on scene for most of the day wetting down hot spots.

The main body of the building

IC Deputy Allison looks over the scene

Looking at the building through the main gate to the property

Another shot from Fairmount Street

No forcible entry tools needed here

Companies trying to make progress with hand lines

Engine Co 4 on a big line


FF Eric Battaselli of Engine Co. 5

Photos provided by Al Boucher

Aug 23, 2007

A second alarm was struck for a fire at Shaw's Supermarket in the Main Street Market Place on Sunday August 12, 2007. The first in companies encountered a heavy smoke condition coming from the building on arrival. The build was occupied at the time if the fire however, customers and employees were evacuating as companies arrived. Deputy Chief John Allison struck the second alarm to bring additional manpower to the scene. The fire was located in a display unit in the deli area. The buildings suppression system kept the fire in check until crews located and extinguished it.

Engine Co. 6 MPO Steve Flynn

Engine 1 and Ladder 2 operate on side 1 of the building

IC Deputy Allison talks with the crews.

Engine Co. 4 tied on a hydrant in the rear. 

Ladder Co. 1 set up in the rear.

Aug 25, 2007

This 3rd Alarm fire took place on Tuesday August 21, 2007 on Whites Court in French Hill. The duty crew was Group 3 under the direction of Deputy Chief Dan Cronin. Engine 2 was first in and requested the 2nd alarm while en route from a medical call a few streets away. The 2 1/2 SFD  was located on a short dead end street which required companies to stage all apparatus away from the building. The 3rd alarm brought all duty crews to the fire and required mutual aid to cover city firehouses. The Nashua Fire Marshal's office is investigating the cause.

Side 1 of the building

Photo by Bill Shea

Another shot of side 1

Photo by Bill Shea

Ladder 2/Deputy Chief on Tolles Street  

Engine 4 on Salem Street

Side 1/4 corner

Lt Bob Barrows talks with Fire Marshal Rick Wood

Captain of Training/Safety Joe Freire

Side 1/2 of building

Engine 4 MPO Jared Poloski

Side 1/2 of building

Ladder 2 Chauffeur John McAllister

Firefighter Tim Farrar on the roof

All other photos by Mark Wholey

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